About Us

We are an Open Independent Community of The Citizens Of Belarus. We are taking a full responsibility of the future of our country. Our intention is to help people to restore rights to be heard and to be able to decide on their own democratic path.

Our Objective

is building of the Belarusian Civilized Society

Our Goal

is establishing of the efficient infrastructure to develop social initiatives:

  • - Platforms and Tools
  • - Communication strategy
  • - Legal and Financial support
  • - Project management
  • Platforms and Tools Our Platforms and Tools are based on the content of the specific initiatives and target groups.
  • Communication strategy Our Communication strategy includes but not limited to the wide spectrum of the social media and multimedia communication channels, most of them are paid services. We promote and connect different initiatives and groups to provide them with help, support and visibility.
  • Legal and Financial support We provide initiative groups with Legal and Financial support.
  • Project management Our Team of the professional and subject matter experts helps to find required people resources and volunteers for the project. We build and manage effective, productive and successful teams for the projects.
What are The Honest People known for?
Count your votes

In close cooperation with our friends at The Voices and Zubr, we managed to obtain documents confirming falsifications and intended mistakes during the presidential election of 2020

Make no mistakes, there were no free and honest election

Alexander Lukashenko and his pocket Election committee came up with election numbers that have no proof . There are no official documentation that confirms these numbers. All independent polls showing absolutely opposite picture. Information from polling stations were won our candidate Tsikhanouskaya fully confirmed by The Voice

People, who peacefully took to the streets to protest and to express their disagreement with the falsifications and deceptions were met with unbelievable brutality and excessive force. All who was involved in brutal supressession of peaceful protest should be identified and punished to the full extend of law.

The results in the areas where Tsikhanouskaya won and the results coincide with the Voice
Team The Honest People was founded at the very beginning of the election campaign of The President of Belarus. We were the volunteers. During and after an election part of the team was forced to leave the country, leaving behind their homes, work, families, life’s. The rest of the team has continued to work from Belarus bedside their day work.
permanent members
brave volunteers
In order to protect our team we can name only these members of our team, that were already mentioned in the government approved media sources:
Before election 2020
She worked as a coordinator & project manager for the event agency
Since June 2020
She coordinates the project of The Honest University
Elena Zhivoglod
Before election 2020
Cinema Network Marketing Director
Since July 2020
Leads the initiative Honest People
Zarina Sorokina
Before election 2020
She worked as a Marketing manager and Director of accounts of the advertising agency.
Since June 2020
She is a project lead of The Strike Support Committee
Before election 2020
He was an entrepreneur and businessman.
Since June 2020
Member of headquarters for presidential candidate Babariko. Cofounder of The Honest People
Philip Ilich
Before election 2020
He worked as a lawer and entrepreneur.
Since June 2020
He is a legal executive of The Honest People. Responsible for finance, security and special projects.
The honest person
Before election 2020
He worked as an an expert in communication and advertising, freelance street artist.
Since June 2020
He is leading legal initiatives of the The Honest People.
Before election 2020
He worked as a creative director and entrepreneur.
Since June 2020
He is responsible for communication and management logistics for The Honest People
Oleg Davydchik
Before election 2020
He worked as a screenwriter,communication and marketing expert.
Since June 2020
He is a copywriter of the Strike Support Committee and The Honest University
Tsimafei Malakhouski
Before election 2020
He was the President of Student Council of European Humanities University
Since June 2020
He is a project coordinator of The Honest University.
Before election 2020
She worked as a scientist-ecologist of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, SMM-specialist.
Since June 2020
She manages social networking for The Honest People.
Before election 2020
He worked as a Web developer, DevOps engineer
Since June 2020
He is technical coordinator for The Honest People projects
The Honest Person
Before election 2020
He worked as a Project manager
Since June 2020
He is a manager of The Brands with people project and The Strike Support Committee
Before election 2020
He worked as a marketing and advertising manager
Since June 2020
He is responsible for the marketing and advertising of The Honest People.
Before election 2020
He was a Businessman an owner of photo&video services and consulting.
Since June 2020
He is responsible for content of The Honest People Project
Before election 2020
He was a Businessman
Since June 2020
He is involved in strategic planning and financing of The Honest People initiatives
How you can help

All members of The Honest People are volunteers spending countless hours working for our freedom and democratic future. We are not paid by anyone.

You financial support goes to cover costs of maintaining the team, IT infrastructure, promoting new and support recent projects.

To stay independent, we are not affiliated with any political group or party.

We are nonprofit community who is able to continue our work because of the financial support from The People Of Belarus. We Report You.

Our Expenses:

We are transparent about our expenses. You can find details on the monthly report we consider to publish.

Our main expenses are as follows.

32 375
Our average monthly expenses
Our expenses began in June:
In August we initiated the call for support after The Honest People realized that we must continue our fight for the Freedom in Belarus.
183 978
was received until end of the November, where
  • from Facebook (40 461 )
  • via PayPal (51 166 )
  • direct deposits (9 751 )
  • personal funds of the founders (43 200 )
172 870
The Expenses June 1st - November 30th 2020.
Report of the expenses and received donations since June 2020 to the end of November.
  • Partial cover of the cost living of the team of 23
    (€841 per person, family members are not included)
    Where in September 1st - November 30th:
    Apartment rent: 30 763
    Food: 21 530
    Insurance, health, commute, transportation: 5 751
    58 044
  • All detained and arrested members of The Honest People
    and their families had received in aid
    39 400
  • Worldwide media promotion of The Honest People
    Banner and video's impressions: 119 195 103
    Paid video views on YouTube: 9 180 493
    Visits to projects websites: 612 607
    Unique user reach: 5 101 622
    Since June, a campaign to recruit members of election commissions, observers and voter information support 28 883
    Since July, promotion campaign of the Voice platform 14 291
    Promotion campaign of the projects: The Honest University, The Support Center to Strikers, The Dialogue with The People 16 148
    71 646
  • IT infrastructure and equipment actual spending
    3 780
  • Remaining amount
    11 108
Everyone Matters
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Thank You!

From the bottom of our hearts we Thank You for your endless support.
Your personal, professional and financial support makes us stronger.

Your trust in us, your energy, your bravery, creativity and enthusiasm, your dedication to fight for our freedom, that is what keep us going.

We are grateful to all of you who has supported us from the very beginning of this journey, and continue to do so. We shot out Thank You Very Much to the individuals and companies, who has donated money, provided with discounted or free of charge services.